Sunday, August 29, 2010

Playing With Heads Again

Hmmm, interesting weekend :) Instead of painting on the gourd doll as I intended, I got side tracked with sculpting with paper mache. If you refer to my post about creating molds for the Laura doll, I need to sculpt arms and legs for that doll. I decided I needed to make a prototype to figure out what size arms and legs would be appropriate. I had putty molds of the shrunken head, I though I could use them as press molds to get a head the correct size. As you may have expected, press molds are difficult to work with, and of course I ended up resculpting the face ..... but now I have something approximately the correct size to prototype a cloth body and make arms and legs. Other lessons learned, this validates the whole idea of refining the sculpt in wax from the putty molds. These papermache heads don't have nearly the detail that the wax sculpt has, and I am already tired of sanding the papermache! But it was an enjoyable weekend. Maybe I can discipline myself to paint next weekend. I wish all of you time to enjoy these last days of summer. Fall is right around the corner.