Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can you really see ?

This title probably sounds ridiculous, but I have a hard time deciding if I am getting the affect I am after when I paint. I think the reason I paint with oils is so I have to wait until a layer dries, and I can stare at what I have done to decide the next step. So color on this picture isn't great, but I think I need to stare at these heads a while to know what the next step will be.... I want to colors on these dolls to be transparent, delicate, and not too bold. I am not sure I have that yet.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Progress on AFIC dolls

This is a self-serving posting. I want to track my progress on these three dolls I want to bring with me to the April AFIC conference. So as you can tell, I just got started on painting them. in oils I am trying to pursue the painterly,portrait style, so am doing this slowly, with layers, and letting them dry before adding the next. It probably looks like I haven't done anything! I have some base skin and hair tone on, and some blushing . Probably I will tackle the eyes next, and then go over everything again to harmonize, blend, and add depth. Also I just got some excellent advise from a trusted artist friend, to focus on the faces and add as much expression as possible and pursue a simple costuming strategy... I want to follow this , so I am putting it down in this posting!