Sunday, August 22, 2010

More on the Gourd Doll

I woke up in a mood today. For those of you who are irritated with whining, you may wish to skip this paragraph. But needless to say there have been complications in my life that have made finishing art projects difficult. I had to unpack my studio for my daughter to move in, and the studio things have been moved around so often, I can't find anything anymore, and I don't have a place to work. But because I was in a mood (crabby), I wasn't going to let these things stop me. So I went to Joanns, purchased some replacement brushes and mod-podge and decided to dive into the gourd doll UFO (unfinished object).

So I pulled out all of the napkins and special papers I could find, and was happy I did stick to the rose napkin I had intended to use. I then decoupage the napkins to the dolls niche. I am a little nervous since I am not sure what I am going to put into the niche... have some ideas but they are still percolating.

I then laid out some basic colors into the figure with oils. I will need to buy a better lines brush to get the details, so this layer ended up just being the undercoat. I will detail next time I am in the pissy mood :)