Monday, March 17, 2008

I came back! Mary Izannah

Yes , I know I have been negligent with blogging and you don't want to hear the excuses. But it involved a fractured knee and surgery, and then months of physical therapy, and then apathy! But I am starting to get back into dolls and want to move ahead here. This doll I made in January after I heard a very good doll friend had passed away. Mary was one of the first friends I made in the cyber doll world, and was always an enthusiastic mentor and friend. I miss her terribly.
So the general idea with this doll is what can you do with the old porcelain molds you might have hanging around if you no longer care for porcelain. This is a Triste Jumeau, poured in a liquid papermache slip (Flumo), and then modified by sculpting hair with Premeir air drying clay. I then decided to paint her in a Izannah Walker style. The hair style was vaguely inspired by the character of Elizabeth Bennet in A&E's 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice. My 10 year old daughter was watching it 24/7 during the holidays and it must have imprinted in my subconscious while I was sculpting. Anyway I am happy how she turned out! My doll club liked it too .


Judy said...

Hi your sculpts and dolls! They are amazing!!!

You've been tagged! Please stop by my blog when you get a chance. :o)


phylliso said...

what a great job you did on her.I`m thankful for your pics & explaination as how she was put together.I`m just learning about the clay use with cloth...phylliso

Anonymous said...

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