Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A doll I need to work on

I started sculpting this doll when I was recovering from knee surgery this past July. She has been looking at me all fall and winter, imploring me to finish her, but I couldnt see what the figure should be. At first I wanted to do a rather elaborate idea of a 'suprise doll' - like the antiques. I was planning to attach her to a gourd, sculpt a dress around the gourd which would have cut door to open into a scence (using miniatures) . I still like this idea, but I think its too ambitious, and I now favor doing a more traditional doll. In honor of spring, I think she should be Heidi- holding a baby goat. Her head is in the right position to look into the baby goats eyes. What do you think? I thought of using the goat picture to sculpt the hands, but of course I would costume the doll in 1800's era homespun. I dont know why this doll intimidates me.... I have a nice start with the head! I think I just need to get started and not worry about it.
BTW, I still want to do the suprise doll too , but I think I need to spend more time figuring out how to do it.