Saturday, March 03, 2012

My New Collection, A is for Annabelle Update

Early on when I started this blog, I shared one of my many doll obsessions of having my own Annabelle doll , trunk, and accessories as described in the classic book by Tasha Tudor 'A is for Annabelle'. At that time I was painting 10 inch papermache french fashion dolls and making tiny clothes, but somehow that didn't quite satisfy me. I kept looking at antique dolls and wishing I could create a collection of antique dolls and accessories. I looked at antique fashion dolls for years, but never found one that really spoke to me. I found her this spring. I must have haunted the website where she was offered, since I could not get her out of my mind. So eventually I knew I had to purchase her.
She is a German made ( maybe 1870s) bald and wigged china which had the most serene and charming expression. She was my Annabelle, and I knew it right away. To me she looks like a young lady, not quite yet a woman. She captured the excitement and delight of pretty clothes, ribbon, and pretty flowers captured in Tasha's classic book. As I was searching antique online doll listings, I also found a damaged shoulder head, a German Kling china head that was actually a boy. His head is perfect, but unfortunately his body is in poor condition. But the price was right and I thought, fantastic, Annabelle has a little brother. I am still on the hunt for a china baby ( rare and likely costly), but haven't found the right one. You might notice the frozen Charlie doll in the group shot. I purchased him thinking he would do, but I think he is too big to be in scale with the other dolls. He's pretty though, isn't he! My most recent acquisition is an antique trunk big enough to fit them all in, and you can see my dear Annabelle looks wonderful sitting on the lovely tray. So my ambition is to someday have a set of clothing for Annabelle and her brother and a few accessories. My current thinking is that I can make some new clothes (from antique fabrics), but I should try to find a couple of antique gowns and accessories. And lastly, I am slightly re-interpreting the Annabelle story to reflect a big sister and her younger siblings. Somehow that feels right to me!

So here is my questions, what is Annabelle's brother's name ? If you have any great ideas, please leave your suggestion in a comment!

Ta Ta for now my lovelies!