Monday, January 22, 2007

Tiny Doll Accessories

I have been working on tiny accessories, OK toys, for my dolls. These are all kits from Gail Wilson ( . I confess I am a real addict for her doll kits, and these are just a few in my large collection that I have yet to finish . Ultimately these will go into the dollhouse I am still working on- The doll in the upper right picture is Gail's version of the famous Hitty doll. Hitty is playing with her new Noah's ark set, peg wooden doll, pouting chair and doll bed. To give you an idea of scale, Hitty is about 6 inches, and the peg wooden doll is less than two inches tall . The adorable Noah's ark set is so tiny and precious . The animals are all less than a half inch tall and the ark is about 2 inches long. Notice the gorgeous wooden doll lying on the rope bed. This is a 3 inch wooden miniature Joel Ellis doll that Gail Wilson made - she is just perfect! These lucky dolls have some very nice new toys to play with...

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Anonymous said...

How pretty!
I have the passion for small accessories, too.