Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Annabelle Doll Club

I thought I would write about my fascination of dolls that inspired Tasha Tudor 's art work and stories. Tasha's stories
"A Doll's Christmas " and "A is for Annabelle" are some of my most treasured childhood stories and I enjoyed re-reading them to my own children when they were young. As is well known, Tasha Tudor is an ardent doll lover , doll collector and doll artist. The drawings in "A is for ..." were based on her Jumeau French Fashion doll Melissa as is shown in the third picture. This is an alphabet book where each letter describes a lovely doll accessory. If you dont have this book, I think you should make a point of taking a look at it at your earliest convenience!
I know doll clubs have been re-creating Annabelle, the star of her book " A is for.." since the book was published, but I wanted to re-create her in a medium that the non-porcelain doll artist could enjoy. So I found a tiny 9 inches tall EJ Jumeau mold ( Jean Pardina molds) and made one up in papermache and painted in oils. Picture 4 and 5 is my first Annabelle. She now lives with my friend Janice, but I was very encouraged with the results and shared pictures with my friends on the Take Peace Tasha Tudor Yahoo Group and of course they wanted to join the fun too... So now there are about 16 of us across the US and Canada making Annabelle and scouring EBAY looking for accessories. I hope to post pictures of our treasures off and on. Progress on her clothing and accessories have been slow, but very satisfying.
BTW, I will have additional kits for Annabelle in January. Make sure to send me an email if you have any interest at bonameechi@yahoo.com.


Dee Ann said...

I'm sure you don't remember me but I used to be on the Tasha Tudor group with you...I still might be. In an attempt to simplify my life, I unsubscribed to a bunch of my groups and went no mail on others. I'm not sure which I did for this group. Anyway, you were going to make an Annabelle doll for me but then things were put on hold. Well, I would still love one if you are interested. Please let me know if you would like to make one. I don't remember your price or anything so please remind me of that. Thanks so much! I'm thrilled I found your blog and am now wanting to re-join the Tudor group! :) Dee Ann Fava, MFava@aol.com

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful. You did wonderful work. My grandmother belongs to a doll club and used to make dolls. I liked watching her.
I have been looking for Tasha Tudor dolls (that is how I came across your site) they are sort of hard to find.
I enjoyed my visit.
Take Care,
Tina Kay

LDTreme said...

I am trying to locate a Annabelle doll for my daughter.Does anyone know how I can find one? I loved the book as a little girl and my daughters love it as well.My 5 yr old adores it so any information would be helpful. Thank you, Lori