Monday, November 20, 2006

Laura doll in procelain

I know its been a while since my last post, but I have been busy trying to finish some of the unfinished dolls. Its actually embarassing how many there are (LOL). This doll I am quite excited about. This is the same sculpt as the papermache doll I posted about last time , only this dear was casted in porcelain and painted in a more traditional way . It took forever to prepare her greenware and to smooth her. I did alot of cleaning and smoothing before I even softfired her head This doll has some soft indentations and suble un-evenness in comparison to a doll made from a commercial mold ( after all the sculpt has not been refined yet), but I actually like the end result - I think it adds more realism to her face. After all most of us don't have completely smooth faces. I apologize for the funny picture of a head in a crock, but I hope to repost a picture once she is finished.

For some technical details - I painted her following Dianna Effner's painting techniques taught in her Doll Dreamers Guild, including china painted eyes ( not glass) in the colors of seafoam and brown. I am very proud of her and am busy getting the rest of her body parts finished so she can become a doll.

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